New and Used Office Tables in Houston, TX

Purchase a Conference Table in Houston

No matter the size of your company, you need a good, solid conference table. What you may not need though is the exorbitant price tag on great tables. Instead of shopping at expensive new office furniture stores, you can find the perfect table at Corporate Liquidators. For more than 20 years, our company has liquidated local businesses’ furniture, refined all products, and sold them to customers for a fraction of the cost. We have also offered brand-name, high quality new furniture for company owners who wished to purchase new office furniture. Our goal is to offer quality, name-brand furniture at the lowest prices, and since 1993, we have done just that. We guarantee that our prices are the lowest out of all used and new furniture stores, and we encourage every business owner to visit our used furniture showroom to discover their dream office products.

Looking for a table in Houston? We have hundreds!

Whether you are having a meeting, hosting a dinner, or enjoying a casual working lunch in your break room, you and your employees deserve to have a quality table that can handle all of your company’s functions. When you purchase a table from Corporate Liquidators, you will receive a sturdy, well-built table for an unbeatable price. Nothing is worse than a wobbly, unbalanced conference table, which is why we ensure our tables are functioning correctly prior to selling them to clients.

Our company carries many different types of tables, including:

  • President Conference Tables
  • Cherry Conference Tables
  • Racetrack Conference Tables
  • Round Conference Tables
  • And many more!

Visit Our Used Furniture Showroom

Not only to we supply conference tables, but computer and end tables, as well. If you need any type of table for your business, please consider visiting Corporate Liquidators’ showroom in Houston. We have hundreds of used and new office products at reasonable prices that may compliment your current office furniture.

If you do not see tables that you like, please check our website or showroom again next week, or contact us at (713) 861-6600, and we will determine if we have the table for which you are searching!

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